AAP uses Kohli 🏏 against Jaitley💰

AAP dared 😠 the DDCA to file a defamation suit against it as it claimed the DDCA was misruled during Jaitley’s💰 time and quoted Virat Kohli’s🏏 words in an interview to defend their accusations. However, many players, Virat included, supported👍 Jaitley after the charges came out against him. AAP leader Ashutosh said, "DDCA's acting president Chetan Chauhan said it has produced players like Kohli😎. They also claim that Virat has come out in praise👍 of Mr. Arun Jaitley. But in an interview on Dec 18 in a national daily, the same player said that he was asked for a favour(💰) to get into him into the under-14 Team. This was dismissed by his father😤. And Mr. Jaitley was the president of the DDCA. This shows there were irregularities🤔 in the selection of the teams."

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