Impossible to bowl 'Doosra' ⁉

Leading Test bowler☝ in 2015, Ravichandran Ashwin has said that he is developing a leg break to add to his armory but is also convinced that the 'doosra' cannot❌ be bowled without bending your arm😳 - " I don't think the doosra can be bowled without bending your arm, may be the topspinner but not the doosra". Doosra is a conventional leg spinner that is bowled with an off spinner's grip😯. The off spinner who has had a phenomenal 2015🙌 is keen to increase the variety in his bag of skills👏 and sees nothing wrong in bowling an occasional leg break. He thinks he is ready to try it out in a match situation👌 and is also looking to master the flipper and the googly👍. Don't really know what to expect from you, Ashwin😉

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