More Emoji😏 = More Sex😉

  |   Tech News / India News

A survey by online dating💏 website, said people who think about sex💋 several times a day also use emoji😚 icons the most often. Users want to give their texts more personality👻, not just more sex👄; they go on more dates and they are 2⃣ times more likely to marry👰. 5,000 people were surveyed to find that 40% who thought about sex👙 several times a day used more than one emoji in every text💬, and inversely, those who never think about sex😒 said they used them less often. Those using emoji the least😳 said they think about sex just once a month😱. Another dating site, found that 54% of singles🙋🏻 who use emoji have more sex than the 31% who don’t. And eggplants🍆 are way more popular than bananas🍌 for sexually charged emoji😏.

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