🇮🇳n to be executed🔫 in Dubai 😳

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A former Mumbai resident, settled in Dubai, has been convicted for murdering his wife😳 and will be executed by a firing squad🔫. Atif Popere, had killed Bushra, his 24 -year-old wife in March 2013. Though he fled to 🇮🇳 after the murder, he was forced to go back and surrender. He and his accomplice were convicted the same year. Popere had pleaded📃 to commute his death sentence but according to the laws of UAE, his death sentence can be commuted only if the family of his victim pardons him😯. His wife's mother was not ready to do so and his commutation plea was rejected❌. They have a 6⃣ year old daughter whose custody will be decided by Bombay High Court🏤. Allegedly, Popere was having an affair and when he was questioned by his wife😠, he killed her.

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