No 🚫subsidy for Parliament🏤 canteen

  |   India News

On Thursday, a Lok Sabha statement said Speaker📢 Sumitra Mahajan has decided that, from Jan 1, the canteen in Parliament will work on 'no-profit🔺, no-loss🔻' basis due to controversies over subsidized food served in Parliament🏤 with all the inflation📈 going around. The decision was based on a report by Parliament's Food🍳 Committee, which was asked to look into the matter🍲 by Mahajan. As per an RTI query, Parliament canteen facility got a total subsidy of ₹60.7 cr 💰 in the last 5⃣years. Now, a veg 🍆 thali costs ₹30 instead of ₹18, non-veg 🍖thali will cost ₹60 instead of ₹33, a three-course meal🍛 will cost ₹90 instead of ₹61 and chicken🍲 curry, will cost ₹40 instead of ₹29. A tea & coffee☕ vending machine will also be present to save on manpower. The rates now apply to all MP’s of the LS & RS, media🎥 persons, security👮 and visitors.

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