The Story📖 of Jesus ✝ Part 7⃣ Hear the Good😊 News

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3⃣ days after Jesus died; one of his followers went to his tomb and to her surprise😳, found that the entrance to it was open🕳. She looked inside and found that his body had disappeared; only leaving behind the clothes in which he had been wrapped. Then an angel 👼appeared to her and told her that Jesus had risen from the dead just as he had promised! Over the coming days, Jesus appeared once again to all his followers with the marks of the crucifixion✝ clearly visible on his arms and legs. He instructed them to go out into the world🌍 and preach the wonderful message of how God had sent his only son to suffer and die for the sins of the world🌍 and raised him from the dead, thereby making the ultimate sacrifice that broke all barriers👊 between us and God. This message was spread across the world is known as the 'gospel' or 'good👍 news.'