⛽ Petrol 🔻 by ₹0.63, diesel 🔻 ₹1.06👏

  |   India News

On Friday, petrol🚗 price was cut for the 3⃣rd time this month by ₹0.63/L and diesel🚚 by ₹1.06/L, due to reduction in global🌍 oil rates. Petrol will cost ₹59.35/L in Delhi🌆 starting midnight as against ₹59.68 currently, whereas a litre of diesel will cost ₹45.03 as opposed to ₹46.09 presently. Prices were last cut✂ on Dec 16by ₹0.50/L for petrol and ₹0.46/L for diesel. The Govt.🏤 used an excise duty hike📈 to gain from the reduction; if not for the excise hike, the drop would have been more❗

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