DRS fails👎 yet again😱

Eagle eye👁, which operates the ball tracking system for DRS has explained that poor visibility🌥 and a system crash accounted for the technology not being available❌ for a review on an appeal against Jason Holder in the recently concluded Boxing Day Test between Australia and West Indies😞 The shadows across the MCG meant that the cameras📹 couldn't pick up the ball satisfactorily which meant that the operators sought footage📹 from Channel Nine, the broadcasters📺❗ But then a system🖥 crash prevented them from using the footage, which meant 3⃣rd umpire had to stick with the on field umpire's call of not out😯, which was later on proved to be correct😌 This is the 3⃣rd occasion when Eagle eye👁 have not been able to track the ball to satisfaction.