Net Neutrality/🆓Basics: TRAI📡 gets specific ☝🏼

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TRAI📡 is dissatisfied 😑 with the responses it received to its paper called ‘Differential Pricing for Data Servicing’ which sought to seek 🕵 whether a telecom service provider has the discretion to offer differential prices 💱 for different websites. Instead of addressing specific questions ❓ relating to differential pricing, most responses received have been in support of Facebook’s 🆓 Basics platform. TRAI has received 18.27 lakh comments 💬 so far out of which 14.34 lakh were in support for 🆓 Basics and only 3.81 lakh claimed support 🙋🏻 for net neutrality 🌐. The deadline 🕚 for receiving comments has thus been extended from Dec 30 to Jan 7 and their review from Jan7 to 14 to give people a second chance to answer specific questions on differential pricing💱.

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