AUS 👀 to bounce 🇮🇳 out ‼

Indian batsmen have been warned⚠ to expect some chin music🎼 straight up in the ODI series. 🇮🇳 will be playing the first 2⃣ ODIs at Perth and Brisbane - 2 of the bounciest wickets in Australia 😳 - and rookie pacer Joel Paris, who incidentally hails from Perth, has warned 🚨 the Indian batsmen that they will look to harness the bounce - "WACA is a bouncy wicket so the quicks have a bit more effect here😋 and we would try to use that to our advantage💪". The left arm pacer meanwhile admitted that he was excited 😋 to face the 'World🌏 Class' Indian batsmen and he knows that there was no❌ margin for error.

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