Bollywood vs Hollywood ❗

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Bollywood or Hollywood 👊 which of the two wields power. In terms of production of movie, Bollywood produces more movies 🙌 and sells more than 4⃣ billion movie tickets yearly which is almost twice more than Hollywood. Both Bollywood as well as Hollywood are known to be big spenders 💰 one of its highest costs recorded in a single film production is $27 million dollars for 🎥 "Ra.One". However Hollywood movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" is said to officially be the most expensive film made with a budget of $378.5 million 😳. In Hollywood, a movie can take up to a year to finish and movie stars ⭐ generally don't work on more than 2⃣ films at a time. However in Bollywood sometimes some film can take about 30 days to be completed so stars can sign on many more films. 🎥.

Hooray for Bollywood and Hollywood❗️

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