Chappell🔈 Dhoni😎 will test Smith ❗

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has claimed that 🇮🇳 will find it hard to beat Australia in the upcoming ODI series😳. But he admitted that 🇮🇳 will be quite a handful for Australia after the mismatch👎 against West Indies. "MS Dhoni😎 will provide a true test for Australia and Steve Smith", said🔈 Chappell. He feels that fans are gearing up for a meaningful contest💪 but the home side are the favourites as India are short of a specialist batsman😳. Chappell also evaluates that lack👎 of a genuine all rounder will hamper India who are too dependent on their top order. However, he questions the exclusion❌ of fast bowler James Pattinson from the Australian squad who he believes will cause difficulties😟 for India.

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