Hollywood Golden 🏆 Globes 2016 - Watch winning trailers❗️

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The 2016 🎥 awards season has kicked off in Hollywood🎉❗️ Duta brings you the winners 🏆 of the 73rd Annual Golden Globes Awards, watch 👀 the trailers of all the top Hollywood 🎥films here❗️

🎥 Best Motion Picture – Drama

🎉Winner🏆 “The Revenant” Trailer: https://goo.gl/W2k5Gc

“Carol” Trailer: https://goo.gl/MP6pxn

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Trailer: https://goo.gl/FJrZ73

“Room” Trailer: https://goo.gl/q2jd1N

“Spotlight” Trailer: https://goo.gl/Ynklp7

💃Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Drama

🎉Winner🏆Brie Larson – “Room” Trailer: https://goo.gl/q2jd1N

Cate Blanchett – “Carol”

Rooney Mara – “Carol”

Saoirse Ronan – “Brooklyn” Trailer: https://goo.gl/x69Mtk

Alicia Vikander – “The Danish Girl” Trailer: https://goo.gl/LBBjRR

🚶Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Drama

🎉Winner🏆 Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Revenant” Trailer: https://goo.gl/W2k5Gc

Bryan Cranston – “Trumbo” Trailer: https://goo.gl/573RG5

Michael Fassbender – “Steve Jobs” Trailer: https://goo.gl/LrHxwC

Eddie Redmayne – “The Danish Girl”

Will Smith – “Concussion” Trailer: https://goo.gl/DBmKq4

🎥 Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy

🎉Winner🏆“The Martian” Trailer: https://goo.gl/1r8fe0

“The Big Short” Trailer: https://goo.gl/OWbyAo

“Joy” Trailer: https://goo.gl/DPeiYy

“Spy” Trailer: https://goo.gl/AVaPrM

“Trainwreck” Trailer: https://goo.gl/ovLwQ3

💃Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy

🎉Winner🏆 Jennifer Lawrence – “Joy” Trailer: https://goo.gl/DPeiYy

Melissa McCarthy – “Spy”

Amy Schumer – “Trainwreck”

Maggie Smith – “The Lady In The Van” Trailer: https://goo.gl/q31xHh

Lily Tomlin – “Grandma” Trailer: https://goo.gl/rbZQAD

🚶Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

🎉Winner🏆 Matt Damon – “The Martian” Trailer: https://goo.gl/1r8fe0

Christian Bale – “The Big Short”

Steve Carell – “The Big Short”

Al Pacino – “Danny Collins” Trailer: https://goo.gl/eygTR2

Mark Ruffalo – “Infinitely Polar Bear” Trailer: https://goo.gl/2x2ux7

🎥 Best Motion Picture – Animated

🎉Winner🏆“Inside Out” Trailer: https://goo.gl/qYp8Qh

“Anomalisa” Trailer: https://goo.gl/HhukyJ

“The Good Dinosaur” Trailer: https://goo.gl/KMqIPb

“The Peanuts Movie” Trailer: https://goo.gl/EbIIKw

“Shaun The Sheep Movie” Trailer: https://goo.gl/EVOdhE

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