Kishwer Merchant QUITS "Bigg Boss 9" 😶

  |   Bollywood

Kishwer Merchant has walked out of "Bigg Boss 9" 📺 show just 2⃣ weeks ahead of the finale. However she has not walked out empty handed, Kishwer is out with her whopping prize money of ₹15 lakh 💰. She was in a "road to the finale task" with Prince Narula, where the winner of this task got a ticket straight to the finale 🙌. 'Bigg Boss' put a twist in the game where a prize money was offered to take and then leave the show. Kishwer weighing in her options took the money 💰 instead of risking it in the finale. Once she was out of the house 🏡 she sent a message to her fans saying 🔊, "Thank you guys for all the support and unconditional love". Prince is now the first finalist on "Bigg Boss 9."

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