'Bigg Boss' rendezvous with Salman 💪

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood

Kishwer Merchant who left the show with her cash prize 💰 came back to talk to 📢 Salman 💪 Khan about her journey in the Bigg Boss house 🏡. She admitted that she expected her 'brother on the show' Prince to give up during their tussle but he did not do that. However she received praises from Sallu 💪 bhai for her performance on the show 🙌. Salman Khan also had a nice chat with the contestants giving them a reality check 👌. He pointed out how the housemates fail ❌ to make a good use of 'open nominations' in the house. He even gave Mandana a piece of his mind asking her why she differentiates between wild card entry contestants and other housemates. Mandana said that she feels emotionally different to them. Sallu said that only she is on a different emotional level 😂. Also adding masala to the show is the entry of Imam Siddiquie in the house. He has plans to wreck havoc. 💥

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