CR7⭐& Alves😎 in heated exchange at Gala‼

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It was not all rosy and smiles😊 at the Ballon d'Or gala in Zurich. There was a heated verbal exchange😡 between Real Madrid and Barcelona stars Cristiano Ronaldo⭐ and Dani Alves😎 before the event and the 2⃣ players did not bite their tongue. The tensions between these 2⃣ players had been ongoing since the 'El Clásico' in November after which Alves lashed out😁 at Ronaldo⭐ during a press conference📺 claiming he was too much of a personality😏 and had to bear the pressure that comes with losing😒 since he loves the limelight. It was their 1⃣st encounter since Classico and both did not hold back as they engaged in an exchange 😡 on this occasion.

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