David Bowie😎 - Internet📡 Pioneer

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David Bowie is remembered for his fantastic music🎵 but he was also a pioneer in his use of technology🔧, especially his internet service, BowieNet,🖥 launched in Sep 1998. Before the explosion💥 of social media, most artists barely provided any online material to their followers👥. Bowie’s site not only offered a variety of exclusive content but also offered ways for users to interact with him. Chris O'Leary, author of Rebel Rebel says, “Back then, other rock star🌟 web pages were kind of cupboard🚪 sites that maybe had one picture of them and a little bit of text and that was it.” He even used a specially created piece of software called Verbasizer to write his 1995 concept album ‘Outside’, and even played a video game🎮 character named Boz in Quantic Dream's Omikron.

Rest in peace, David Bowie😞 you'll be missed for your contributions to so many fields.

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