🎵Lazurus: Bowie's swan song? 🎥: https://goo.gl/n3q9Vl

  |   Hollywood

David Bowie's latest album involved themes of illness, death 💀 and heaven and while it was not known earlier, Bowie was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago which would have inspired these songs on his album 🎵 "Backstar". Bowie's song 🎵 'Lazarus' seems to be an explicit farewell song 😞. The Lyrics of the first line in the song say 🔊, "Look up here, I'm in heaven". Even the name of the song could suggest that he Bowie was fascinated by the idea of coming back to life 😶. Click on the link to watch his song 🎵 'Lazarus' 📹 https://goo.gl/n3q9Vl

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