HTC’s new VR🕶 headset coming soon❕

  |   Ghana News / Tech News

Virtual Reality (VR)🕶 technology generally uses a special headset, sophisticated imagery👀 and sounds to place you within a digital world🌏. Facebook’s Oculus unveiled its 💲599 Rift system last week, and now it's HTC's turn to tease👅. On Monday, HTC said that it would make its Vive Pre VR headset🕶 available for preorder on Feb 29 and will hit the market in April, it’s price however would be ✨revealed✨ nearing Feb. VR is one of the big tech 🔧trends of 2016 and it’s come a long way being far more convincing and immersive. HTC partnered with gaming company Valve to put out the Vive Pre, which provides a system that allows you to get up and walk🚶 around a small area, while other systems keep you standing or sitting. Vive Pre also adds a front-facing camera that lets users see the real 🌏 in front of them, helping to prevent accidents and real world collisions💥.

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