ISIS▪ Manual📒 found❗️

  |   India News

A 58-page English-language ISIS▪ manual📒 titled ‘Safety and Security🔐 Guidelines for Lone Wolf🐺 Mujahideen’ has emerged online. It advises Western would-be jihadis☠ to trim their beards and wear western-style clothes to avoid being identified by security👮🏻 services while plotting terror attacks💥. The booklet is being shared on social media and recommends wearing aftershave and even pretending to be a Christian✝. The document reads, “If you can avoid having a beard, wearing qamis (kurta), using miswak (traditional toothbrush) and having a booklet of dhikr☪ (Islamic worship) with you, it’s better.” It recommends wearing a Christian cross✝ and alcohol-based perfumes and includes suggestions for where to stash fake passports📘 and to use nightclubs with loud music🎤 to “secretly discuss the details of an operation.

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