Modi✌, Cameron🇬🇧's Goa event

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In 2017 we may see PM Modi✌ and UK’s PM Cameron🇬🇧 address an audience👥 in the Dona Paula stadium in Goa for the 🇮🇳India-Britain🇬🇧 Year of Culture 2017, similar to Modi's address in Wembley, UK last year. Several events have been planned for the Year of Culture 2017 including a tour✈ across 🇮🇳 of Shakespeare’s First Folio & the Magna Carta. The festival will last a year and celebrate the entwined cultural history of the 2⃣ countries while strengthening ties and globally showcase unity. Senior Labour MP Keith Vaz said, “Nobody can quite replicate Wembley, but it will be appropriate for the 2⃣prime ministers to address the event before the concert,” he said. A group of “🇬🇧British bhangra👳🏻” performers is expected to participate as well.

The biggest question is, can par-Desis groove as well as Desis❓

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