Woman tries to Murder🔪 Mother-in-law. Caught on 🎥: ⚠https://goo.gl/e7qIqM⚠

  |   India News

A video📹 taken just last week shows resident of Nehtaur, UP, Sangeeta Jain 👿(W/o- Sandeep Jain) attempting to kill her bedridden 70 year-old mother-in-law, Rajrani Jain. Sangeeta first tries to suffocate her😱, then hits her👊, attempts to strangulate her and even hits her on the head several times with a stone. Sangeeta and Sandeep have sought to divorce after being married 7 years, but she still lives in her husband's house forcefully 😠taking advantage of him. No action was taken by the police👮🏻 as the attack has carried out by a woman. Sangeeta Jain has filed for false Dowry💰 & Marital Rape😳 cases, misusing the laws meant to protect women. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT🎥: ⚠https://goo.gl/e7qIqM⚠

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