Pathankot: Mixed Signals 😳 from Pak❓

  |   India News

It remains unclear how far Pakistan is willing to go to in taking action on Pathankot😳. 🇮🇳India has made it clear that it expects a thorough investigation on the attack which is believed to have originated on Pakistani soil, 💣plotted by Jaish-e-Mohammed. India has handed over 📱phone call audio, phone numbers and transcripts between the 6 terrorists and their facilitators. While Nawaz Sharif has created a committee to investigate the evidence handed over by India, reports suggest a disconnect between India's expectations and Pakistan's willingness to co-operate to that level. Pakistan says it has handed over the results of a preliminary investigation and has also indicated that the phone numbers were unregistered. The move could appear as though Pakistan is washing its hands of responsibility to investigate. India has indicated that Friday's talks in Islamabad between the Foreign Secretaries of both countries can no longer📵 take place.

7️⃣ Indian military personnel lost their lives and 20 civilians were injured in the pre-dawn attack which occurred on January 2nd 2016.