VR🕶: the future of porn👙⁉

  |   Tech News / India News

Porn💋 has been the reason for the spread of several media distribution technologies from VHS📼 to cable TV📺 as well as the reason the cellular world is jumping so many ‘Gs’, from 3G📡 to 4G.... who knows how soon 5G📶 will come in❗️ But now there’s Virtual Reality🕶, and it does seem to be the next logical step in entertainment, especially in the porn👙 industry, with the promise to make all our fantasies feel ‘virtually’ real. Adult💋 entertainment company SugarDVD began making VR porn in 2014 and there are several who’ve followed. By 2020, VR porn will bring in 💲1 bn/yr, making it the third-largest VR segment after gaming🎮 and sports⚽. Right now VR tech is difficult to make movies🎥 with, but maybe in a few years, who knows what (or whom) we might catch you with in your bedroom👀.

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