BBC stronger💪🏻 than ever❗

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CR7⭐ has been with Real Madrid since 2009 and has gained a reputation🙌🏻 as Real Madrid's number-one offensive threat⚽ since his arrival. He has contributed to more than 50% of Madrid's goals⚽ which has made him the top scorer🔝 in the club's history. However, some changes🔄 have been seen this season especially with Ronaldo⭐ struggling to stamp his authority⚽ on crucial matches played. But the other members of the BBC have stepped 🆙 their game resulting in a positive👍🏻 distribution of forces. Bale (12) and Benzema (18) have racked up 30 goals⚽ so far this season and their personal tally is the closest they've come to CR7's⭐ tally with 25 in all competitions. It's Mid season and CR7⭐ has less than 50% claim in Madrid's goals⚽ so far.

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