🇬🇭⛪Bishop: Where's the common sense❗

  |   Ghana News

The chairman of the Catholic Bishop Conference⛪ found common ground with the Prez👔 call for Ghanaians to be compassionate👍🏻 except to add that compassion must be balanced with common sense👌🏻. Bishop Osei Bonsu failed to see the Government's🏤 reasoning behind admitting people with links to terrorist group Al Qaeda💣 to reside in Ghana🇬🇭 after 14 years in Cuba's Guantanamo bay. The Prez👔 said they were detained unjustifiably, adding that as a Christian, it demands that we show compassion🙏🏽. To which Bishop Osei Bonsu responded by saying, compassion🙏🏽 must be shown with common sense👌🏻.

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