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Liverpool🔴 vs Arsenal🔫

Liverpool🔴 v Arsenal🔫 games always have an edge😁. Klopp's👔 team is battling gamely with an intense January fixture list and injury troubles😁, and it will all come down to what central defensive pairing he can field. However, Arsenal🔫 have coped with their own injury woes amazingly👌🏻, winning 7⃣ of their last 8⃣ games in all competitions.

Kick Off: 8:00PM GMT (1:30AM IST)

Chelsea🔵 vs West Brom

Kick Off: 7:45PM GMT (1:15AM IST)

Chelsea🔵 are unbeaten at home in the league against West Brom since 1978. Chelsea🔵 went to relegation⛔ that season however, all those lingering fears earlier this season have surely been put to rest👍🏻. If they play as they did at Palace🙌🏻, back-to-back home wins in the PL can have them raring👍🏻 for a go at Europe. West Brom will be more combative💪🏻 than Palace and if they can keep the intensity for an hour👍🏻, they could get a point.

Man City vs Everton - 7:45PM GMT (1:15AM IST)

It will be tough😁 to point out which of the 3⃣ matches in 3⃣ weeks between Everton and Manchester City🔹 is the most important. Maybe the cup tie is the crucial one to Everton, but for City🔹 it must surely be this league encounter. City are still the favourites to win the PL🏆 in what can be assumed will be Manuel Pellegrini's👔 last season. If they don't win it, then Pellegrini👔 will probably lose his job regardless of Pep Guardiola's👔 next club

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