Fingerprint👆 scanner for Motorola📱

  |   Tech News

Senior VP of Lenovo💻, Chen Xudong, has now mentioned that from 2016 onwards every Motorola handset📱 will sport fingerprint👆 scanners and also mentioned that the Motorola handsets launching in 2016 will have a screen size of at least 5-inches🖥. The Lenovo and Motorola UI will also merge to offer a unified experience across the two brands sometime in 2017. Lenovo, which has bought💰 Motorola, will change the brand name to Moto which will focus on top market phones, while Lenovo’s Vibe will focus on budget💵 phones. Thus we can expect the Moto E series to go out of production altogether, but the Moto G should see a successor especially since it’s so popular in 🇮🇳.

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