Italian on trial won’t return to 🇮🇳

  |   India News

On Tuesday one of the two Italian marines accused of killing🔫 two Kerala fishermen in 2012, Massimiliano Latorre, will not return to 🇮🇳 He was temporarily allowed to go home for medical treatment after he suffered a stroke🤕 in 2014 and his deadline to return to 🇮🇳expires on Friday. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone mistook Indian fishermen for pirates😈 and killed them when they were protecting a cargo ship. Nicola Latorre, head of the Italian defence committee said, “Massimiliano Latorre will not go back to 🇮🇳 and work is being done on the possibility of requesting for Salvatore Girone to be able to return to Italy.”

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