Kluivert lying😳 about Messi💫❗️

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Former Barca striker, Patrick Kluivert has disgraced😔 himself after lying about whom his Ballon d'Or vote went to.​ Kluivert was eligible👍🏻 to vote, being the head coach👔 of Caribbean island nation Curacao. After the gala, lots of messages📩 were directed at him accusing him of snubbing Messi in his votes but he vehemently denied it in a tweet. "How does EVERYBODY says [sic] that I didn't vote for Messi sure👍🏻 I did are you crazy," said Kluivert, However, after FIFA⚽ release a list📑 of all the votes that had been cast, it turned out he had voted for 2⃣ Barcelona🔷 players but it was for Neymar⚡ in 1⃣st place, Luis Suarez🌟 was his 2⃣nd pick, with Robert Lewandowski⭐ as his 3⃣rd choice.

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