No US🇺🇸 monetary💰 consideration.

  |   Ghana News

After the Gitmo detainees arrival, there were rumours💬 that Prez Mahama👔 took millions of dollars💰 from the US Government to accommodate them but he denied it vehemently yesterday👎🏻👎🏻. He stated emphatically that there were no monetary❎ consideration before accepting them to live in Ghana🇬🇭 for 2⃣ years. He explained that apart from the fact that Ghana🇬🇭 has the responsibility to assist in international challenges😁 as part of the global community🌍, his compassion😇 as a Christian and faith🙏🏽 informed his decision to accept👍🏻 the detainees and grant them the chance to restart their lives👥. He assured👍🏻 that the National Security has assessed🔍 these detainees and will constantly monitor👀 them to ensure the safety of Ghanaians.

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