'No-Selfie'📸 zones in Mumbai😳

  |   India News

After an 18 year old girl fell into the sea🌊 and drowned while taking a selfie📸 last week, Mumbai Police 👮 have decided to put up 'selfie warnings⚠' at dangerous places around the city. Police have identified around 15 places where taking selfies📸 can be dangerous, including Marine Drive Promenade and Girgaum Chowpatty beach - popular tourist destinations😳. Last week, 3⃣ girls fell into the sea🌊 and one drowned😢 along with a passer by who attempted to save them👏 before also being drowned😕. There have been lot of incidents around the world🌏 where people have died or injured themselves while taking selfies📷 in risky situations recently, including New York City.
Good decision, Mumbai👍.

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