Delhi triple murder🔪 case🔍 solved‼

  |   India News

Within 72 hours👏, the Delhi police👮 have cracked the Old Rajinder Nagar triple murder🔪 case which wiped out the entire Sonaria family. The dastardly crime was carried out by 8⃣ people which included 2⃣ juveniles. It so happens the crime was carried for a mere ₹40,000 and a few pieces of fake jewellery😕. The plan was hatched by Rajan Singh who had befriended Sonaria in Tihar jail few years back😳. Sonaria had boasted about receiving a payment of around ₹80 lakh💰, hearing which Rajan decided to carry out his sinister plan. After entering the house and strangling Sonaria, his son and wife to death💀, they were devastated to find only ₹40000 in the house. They proceeded to buy some alcohol🍷 and consumed it at Sonaria's house and even ate the food🍗 the Sonaria's had prepared. The mobile phone📱 with which Rajan called Sonaria on the night of the crime led Police to the accused.

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