Millionaires💵 can't resist huge 🇺🇸 Lottery💰

  |   India News

In the extremely rich💰 neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, California where an average home is worth $3.1 million😲, residents are flocking to buy Powerball lottery tickets😳. Powerball is an extremely popular government benefit lottery in the USA with prizes worth billions💵 on offer. Normally people with lower incomes are the ones flocking👥 to buy Powerball tickets but it has been noted that wealthy💷 residents from such neighbourhoods have also been stocking up on the tickets after a grand prize of $1.5 billion💰 was announced📢 for tonight's draw. In fact, they've been sending their gardeners, housekeepers etc to buy it for them😅.
Even the filthy rich💰 can't resist the allure of money, it seems.

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