Gavaskar thinks 'pink' 🎀❗

Former 🇮🇳 captain Sunil Gavaskar has come out in support👍 of using 'pink' balls in ODIs as he feels the white ball offers next to nothing😏 for the bowlers. He feels the games have become lop sided contests😞 in favour of batsmen with high scores a regular occurrence now😳. "The white ball does nothing for bowlers😯. I actually call it a 'nothing doing ball'😅'," Gavaskar said🔈 after 🇮🇳 lost 2 matches against AUS despite scoring in excess of 300. Rohit Sharma though disagreed✋ with the view that the white ball does nothing - "If you play in tough conditions, the white ball can be a nightmare for the batsmen😕".
No wonder Rohit likes the white ball😉 - 2⃣ 💯's in 2⃣.

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