🇺🇸 has 1M Indian scientists‼

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A report by the National Science Foundation says that the number of 🇮🇳Indian-origin scientists👓 and engineers🔧 in the U.S. grew📈 85% to 950,000 between 2003 and 2013. India’s rise far surpasses that of the Philippines and China🇨🇳, whose immigrants rose 53% and 34% to 465,000 and 438,000 workers respectively. In 2003, Indian-origin researchers🔎 were 2.5% of the U.S🇺🇸. research workforce and made up 3.3% in 2013. The most common fields of study for them were engineering🔧, computer💻 and mathematical🔢 sciences and social and related sciences. India is also concerned with ‘brain drain🕳’, and has launched several schemes to attract its ex-citizens back. According to a U.N🌐. report, Indians make up the World’s largest diaspora👥, with 16 million of them scattered across the globe🌏 .

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