Modi✌: Ignore the royals👑❕

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On Thursday, PM Modi✌ expressed his disappointment at the special attention to royal👑 families and rulers, calling it a “deliberate conspiracy”👀 to keep 🇮🇳 in the 'shackles of slavery'. He said, “It has been the misfortune of our country that for the last 200-250 years, there has been special attention😍 on royal families and rulers. Only issues related to them are talked about and written ✍ about.” He said the situation continued much after Independence, with attention being given only to royal families and politicians ignoring the commoners👥 even after they achieve landmark accomplishments.🎉 Modi said, “One can overcome difficulties and challenges only when s/he has fire🔥 within to do something in life.”

We'll never be royals....😂

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