NASA’s💫 Jupiter probe sets record🎉

  |   Tech News

On Thursday, NASA’s💫 Juno mission to Jupiter 🔴 broke the record to become mankind’s most distant solar☀-powered emissary, when the spacecraft ventured 793 million kilometres from the Sun. Juno will arrive at Jupiter🔴 on July 4 and will orbit it 33 times, 5,000 Kms above Jupiter’s clouds🌩. Juno will probe Jupiter’s atmosphere☁ to learn more about its origins, structure and magnetosphere. Because of its great distance from the Sun☀, Juno was given larger solar panels🛰 to generate more power. Launched🚀 in 2011, the 4 tonne craft carries three 9m long solar arrays, with 18,698 cells which generate approx. 14 KW of electricity to compensate for the 25% decrease in solar☀ punch.

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