Real Madrid fired up❗

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CEO of Real Madrid Football Club, José Ángel Sánchez👔 and legal team head, Javier López Farré💼 have maintained the club's innocence👌🏻 in respect to the FIFA transfer ban🚫. Sánchez assured that the club will appeal👍🏻 the decision and is confident the ban will be overturned👎🏻 since they've always followed the FIFA regulations religiously🙏🏻. He admitted the punishment was unexpected😱 but claimed the arguments put forward by FIFA 🚫 do not hold water👎🏻, hence the ban is unjustified. He added that Real Madrid will turn to CAS if issues remained unresolved😁 although its his hope that matters will be settled through FIFA amicably.🙏🏻

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