“Spermbots”〰🤖 boost fertility❤: https://goo.gl/MZFXTG

  |   Ghana News / Tech News / India News

Artificial insemination 💉or other assisted reproduction techniques aren’t too efficient with a 30% success rate📊, and in vitro fertilization is complicated and expensive💰. Scientists👓 have now created ‘spermbots’〰🤖 by attaching tiny metal helices to non-swimming🏊 sperm cells to reach an egg. The customised micro-helices serve as motors for transporting sperm cells with motion deficiencies to help them carry along their way to insemination💞. They’re just large enough to fit around a sperm’s tail〰 and their movements can be controlled by rotating a magnetic field, ‘drive’ it to an egg🍳 and then release it. The technology is still in its infancy👶🏻, but developments should be seen soon.

See the super sperm in action here🎥: https://goo.gl/MZFXTG