Salman Khan

BB9: Priya ❤ Rishabh❓

What is cooking 🍲 between 'Bigg Boss' contestants Priya and Rishabh❓ Rishabh decided to shave his beard 👨 off and guess who was unhappy with his decision, yes, none other than Priya. She likes him with his rough and shabby look 😍. Imam noticing these signs asked Priya if Rishabh is her type …

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Sallu's worth ₹3472💰 per sec😳

Filmfare 🏆 decided to shake things up a little, they pursued Bollywood actor Salman Khan to host this years Filmfare which has always been King 👑 Khan's territory. They wanted something different and Sallu 💪 has proven to be an excellent host 📢 on TV show 📺 'Bigg Boss'. To convince the superstar ⭐ to take …

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