US🇺🇸 Contradicts Prez's🇬🇭 claims❗️

  |   Ghana News

When the Gitmo scandal😳 emerged, the issue of the financial burden💰 it will have on the country🇬🇭 came up, but the Deputy Communications Minister Felix Ofosu Kwakye claimed that the US🇺🇸 will bear all expenses💰 in respect to the ex-detainees upkeep and other relevant measures. But It has emerged that Ghana🇬🇭 will be footing part of the cost💰 for the of the two terror suspects😳. The head of press information📺 at the US🇺🇸 Embassy in Ghana🇬🇭 Daniel Fennell, when who was paying the security and monitoring expenses💰 of these detainees while in Ghana, said it was a shared expense. He described them as low risk to Ghana's🇬🇭 security, but he quickly added that there was no telling what they could do.😳

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