BNI Threaten Woman at Gunpoint🔫

  |   Ghana News

The founder of God is Love Fun Club (GILFC)💰, Monica Afriyie was threatened😠 by officers at the BNI and the Police at gun point🔫 to wear BNI cell uniforms for photographs📷, says her lawyer. Miss Monica appeared before the court🏤 with a swollen face😣 and her lawyer claims his sources told him it was as a result of a struggle😖 with the security forces. According to him, her clients braids were forcefully removed😳 and when she resisted to have her photograph📷 taken, they forced her at gunpoint🔫😱. God is love and other companies including Jastar Motors and investments Company Limited, Eye Adom Fun Club, Care for Humanity Fun Club and Little Drops Association is rumoured to have held the deposits💰 of their customers for months due to their closure🚫 by the Bank of Ghana. “I have information that they plan to force my client to accept that it is not the fault of government that the monies have been frozen,” he alleged😳.

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