BSF to Tap👂 Phones📞❓

  |   India News

A proposal by the BSF💂 granting it technical surveillance👂 powers along the border with Pak🇵🇰 will probably be rejected❌ by the Union Home Ministry. After the Pathankot attack💥, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has been investigating🔎 the drug smuggler-terrorist network. Officials say that Pak cell-phone signals📡 are available on 33 sections along the Punjab border which can be used for smugglers for easy communication🗣. The Punjab government has often accused the BSF of not containing the drug enterprise, but the BSF💊 has denied the allegations. A govt. official said: “There are too many agencies having phone interception📞 powers. We can’t add one more to the list. There is a proper communication channel and synergy, which exists among agencies and a mechanism⚙ will be put in place to share intelligence💡 on a real-time basis.”

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