EC Boss: I've Made a Mistake😱❗

  |   Ghana News

The EC issued a report📄 earlier this week claiming there were about 200,000 cases of multiple registrations😱 in the Ashanti Region but the EC boss has come out to clarify that the number is not👎🏻 200,000 as earlier stated but rather 14,651😁. The EC boss was bold in her earlier pronouncements and this caused a reaction from the NPP🐘, questioning the basis upon on which figures were arrived😳. The nationwide tally of multiple registration stands at 150,000 so the NPP🐘 found it strange the Ashanti Region alone could record 200,000 names😱, according to the party's vice campaign manager.This amongst other reasons stated by the opposition party, has led them to accuse👉🏼 the EC boss of threading the propaganda line of the ruling party😏. However, Ms. Charlotte admitted🙌🏻 there was a mix up and that it has been duly rectified. “I made a mistake😔 with the figures and I think it’s really important that we clarify👌🏻 it and we put it on record."

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