F1🏁: Holy Help for Schumi ‼

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🏁 Former Ferrari boss & FIA President Jean Todt has revealed that Pope Francis✝ has promised to pray🙏 for the recovery of Michael Schumacher who is recuperating after a tragic skiing⛷ accident which resulted in him going into a coma😢. Todt said that he asked the Pope to pray🙏 for Michael and he gladly agreed👍. Maybe a divine intervention is what Michael requires.

🏁 Todt also said🔈 that the sport's four engine manufacturers - Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda are close to coming up with a solution👏 to reduce the costs of the power units🔋 to ensure no team is left without one. There will be no need of an alternative engine as proposed after Red Bull had failed to secure an engine for this season😕. Later on they managed to strike a deal with Renault.

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