Kangana a Born 👊Fighter

  |   Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut revealed the dark ⚫️ side of the Bollywood industry when she spoke about how she was abused by an industry insider when she was just 17 😶. She said that a man who was around her father's age hit her 👊 on her head so hard that she hit her head to the ground and started bleeding, she then picked up her sandal 👡 and hit his head so hard that he started to bleed. Kangana said 🔊, "I struggled so much that I couldn't believe I had so much strength💪 that either I died or I kill you. And then I went to the cops 👮 and lodged an FIR against this man. But that day, I really saw myself as who I always thought I was... I'm actually a born fighter 👌."

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