Science 👓 Congress: Labourer's Daughter Represents 🇮🇳

  |   India News

15 year old Pushpa Kumari from Jharkhand, daughter of a labourer👏 and 16 year old Anil Singh from Ramgarh, son of a farmer🌾 are among the 5⃣ talented youth selected to represent 🇮🇳 in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science in May🎉. Pushpa Kumari, who didn't even go to school🏫 till the age of 11, has come up with an affordable brand of baby👶 food to combat malnutrition in kids👌. Jharkhand has even decided to market her baby food named 'Baal Amrit' which costs just ₹59 a kilo😳. Anil Singh had come up with a idea to put coal mines to use even after extracting coal👍 from them, using them to bury dust material.

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