NASA Warns⚠ of Asteroids☄

  |   Ghana News / Tech News

Last week, NASA💫 announced it has established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO🛡) to formalize efforts in detecting and tracking near-Earth objects (NEO☄), i.e. asteroids and comets that pass Earth’s🌍 orbit. The PDCO🛡 will issue warnings and will work with the Department of Defense and other 🇺🇸 and international🌐 agencies. About 1,500 NEOs☄ are detected yearly, and more than 13,500 NEOs☄ of all sizes have been discovered. The PDCO🛡 specifically tracks NEOs of around 50 meters within 0.05 AU (Astronomical Units) of Earth. 1 AU = 93 million miles, 0,05 AU=4.65 million miles, which may seem like a lot, but Earth’s🌍 gravity can still reel them in. NEOs☄ are detected using ground-based telescopes🔭 around the world as well as NASA's space-based NEOWISE infrared telescope🔭.

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