Katrina Kaif

Leafy Inspiration for Kat's 🐱 Hair ❗

"Fitoor" director 🎬 Abhishek Kapoor has always been dazzled ✨ by the beauty and romance ❤ of Kashmir. The Filmmaker said that the red hair 💁🏽 on his leading Katrina and Tabu is a metaphor or tribute 🙌 to the red autumn leaves 🍂 of Chinar. He also said 🔊, "There is nothing as mesmerising as Kashmir …

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Kat 🐱 on "Bigg Boss 9"❓

Celebrity reality show 📺 "Bigg Boss" has become a mandatory stop over for Bollywood stars ⭐ to promote their movies 🎥. So it was only natural for people to know if Katrina Kaif will appear on "Bigg Boss 9" to promote her upcoming movie 🎥"Fitoor". When she was recently asked about it Kat …

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